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  • Cycle Superhighway 11 in Westminster and Camden

    Created by Colin Wing // 7 threads

    This is part of a proposed cycle superhighway from the Finchley Road into Central London.
    It will become more attractive after the modification of the Swiss Cottage gyratory system in Camden.
    See the discussion threads for details on the sections in Westminster, Camden and Swiss Cottage

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  • EWCS Parliament Square statutory TMO consultation

    Created by Dominic Fee // 1 thread

    Westminster City Council is undertaking a statutory consultation on the Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) needed to implement the East West Cycle Superhighway at Parliament Square. You can find a description and drawings of the proposals here:

    In Westminster Cycling Campaign we rarely respond to statutory TMO consultations because the proposals are either insignificant or, if they are significant, they've usually been subject to an earlier public consultation. It would be inappropriate for us to repeat points we've made previously, and we wouldn't be listened to.

    Nevertheless I would encourage interested people to take a look at the Parliament Square drawings to check that the earlier design has been taken forward properly into a detailed design for construction. We have had a recent example where we did respond to a statutory TMO consultation in which the connection between part of the EWCS proposals (Savoy Street) and the rest of the highway network (a left-in left-out junction on the Strand) hadn't really been thought through. If we need to submit a response regarding Parliament Square, the deadline is 21 September 2015.

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  • East-West Cycle Superhighway - phase 2 consultation

    Created by Rosie Downes // 11 threads

    TfL are consulting on plans for the East-West cycle superhighway in Hyde Park and St James's Park. The proposals can be seen at

    The LCC office has set up this thread to facilitate discussion in advance of submitting its response to the consultation. The consultation closes on 29th March.

    To ensure that your comments will be taken into account when composing LCC’s response please make sure that your registered identity on Cyclescape includes your full name and whether you are a member of LCC and any local LCC group. (You can add these details by clicking on your name at the top of the page and then the Edit Profile tab.)

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  • Buckingham Palace - Spur Road

    Created by Colin Wing // 1 thread

    Spur Road and the road in front of Buckingham Palace form a section of the East-West Cycle Superhighway between Constitution Hill and Birdcage Walk.

    The plans that Transport for London presented to the public for consultation in February-March 2015 failed to include any specific proposals for this section. Following successful campaigning by cyclists, TfL published proposals on 20th August 2015 for consultation up till 4th October 2015.

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